Sunday, June 12, 2011

Building the wings

Now I finally got around to buy the XPS foam (styrofoam) that will be the base for my wings.
I will use a GE-222 wing profile. The good thing with XPS foam is that itis easilly shaped with a saw and sandpaper. When the wing is done it will
have a number of layers off fiberglass on it to make it ridgid.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Parts for the Build

A 20 mm threded rod as a shaft.

2 Bearings for the axial support.

2 neodymium magnets, withe the poles opposing each other,forsupporting the vertical load.
50 * 25 *5 mm 20 kg pull force / magnet

Fiat brakedisc for the magnets

12 neodymium magnets 25 mm* 19 mm 25 kg pull force.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

This how the assembly will look when the stator and magnet disc are mounetd.

The bering and hub.

An 20mm shaft supported verically by 2 flange beraings,and with 2 neodymium magnets supporting the horisantal weight,thus unloading the flange bearings and minimizing the force needed to rotate the turbine.

The stator

The stator will be a 9 coil 3 phase stator, in star confuration.
The coils will have 75 turns of 1,5 or 1,8 mm magnet wire

The entire stator will be casted in epoxy resin and mounted on bolts allowing it to be adjusted in height so that the clearence between the stator and the magnets is as little as possible.

The magnet plate

I have decided to use a brakedisc from a Fiat as base for my magnets, It is well balanced solid metal, and should be a good base for the magnets.
The magnets are 25 mm in dia and 15 mm high, The theoretical holdingforce is 22 kg per magnet
I have designed the plate so that I can add a second plate easilly making it a dual fulx alternator.
The magnets will be glued in place with epoxyresin.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Calulating the wind power.

I have been doing some math regarding the power of the wind.
The formula i found is
Power output = 0,5 * swept area * air density * v^3
where 0,5 is th betz value = the difference between the power of the wind and what can be generated as electricity.
Air desity= 1,23 since i live close to the sea.
Wind velocity m/s
and swept area 1.44 ( i have decided to make it 1200mm in diameter since that gives alot more drag-force .